Match Report Loutolim vs Aldona - July 13, 2016

Loutolim Goatees F. C. rally to win

By: Cippy D’Cruz

It was a great comeback by the former champions Loutolim Goatees F.C.  Down by a goal in the early stages of the game against Aldona S C., Loutolim fought back gallantly to win the game 2-1.  All goals were scored in the first half.

Rowan Noronha the coach of Aldona SC, was very excited before the start of the game and said, “for the first time we have a full side, we are very positive about ourselves and look forward to an exciting game”.  When asked what his team would to do differently to win against Loutolim who were unbeaten this year?.  Rowan said, “We have a balanced team.  Our plan today is to attack from the word go and not let up until the final whistle”.

Attack from the kick off they certainly did with some fine performances from Richard Fernandes and Nick Roach backed up by Wendall Mascarenhas and Calvin Rosario in the midfield.  Aldona created some anxious moments in the Loutolim defense.  During this period, Aldona time and again attacked the goal easily beating the central defense of Loutolim consisting of Joshua Coelho and Titus Raje.

In the 10th minute a cross from Richard Fernandes was floated in the box.  Brylin Colaco, the goalkeeper of Loutolim who otherwise was rarely tested, came out of his position to collect the ball.  In the tussle for the high ball that followed saw the ball hit the body of Ian de Souza and enter the net keeping Brylan totally stranded.

This goal was a setback for the former Champions, Loutolim who re-organized themselves bringing in Keegan Moraes in the central defenders position.  From this point onwards Aldona who dominated the proceedings in the early stages slowly were shut down.  Keegan used his speed and skill to break any attempts at the top of the box to deny Aldona S.C. further increasing their lead.

Using the wind to their advantage and being a goal down brought some life into the Loutolim team.  Neil D’Silva in particular used his skill to harass the Aldona’s mid field and spray passes to Kraig Raje on the left flank.  A free kick taken by Nick D’Silva in the 25th minute almost resulted in a tying goal for Loutolim but Justin D’Silva who was in a perfect position dived to his left to bring off a great save.

Loutolim kept up the pressure with mid field play of Kyle Coelho, Ron Monteiro, Neil D’Silva with Kraig Raje and Aaron Atwal up front.  Only a very strong defensive play of captain Jason D’Souza, Garrick Nazren, Dion D’Mello and Sherwin Marshall kept the score board 1-0 in their favour.  Even though it was the strong defensive play of Aldona that helped them maintain the lead they conceded the tying goal with a defensive error.  A back pass from just outside the box to the keeper was met by Kyle Coelho who quickly turned around and scored with a deft placement.

With 7 minutes remaining in the first half, once again a turn around this time in the mid field helped Loutolim regain the lead.  The ball was won by Aaron Atwal who relayed the ball to Ron Monteiro.  In his usual customary fashion Ron dribbled the ball past two defenders and scored to give his team a 2-1 lead.

The second half saw many missed chances for both teams.  Richard Fernandes and Nick Roach continued the good work of the first half and harassed the Loutolim’s defense.  Nick Roach however tended to keep the ball to himself and do things on his own.  This gave enough time for Tarun Fernandez to tackle Nick Roach.  A strong run on the right flank by Richard Fernandes, who had a great game, saw the ball being punted in the Loutolim box.  In the melee that followed saw two players go for the ball.  Nick Roach controlled the ball and neatly tucked it in.  Unfortunately the first player being off side the goal was disallowed.

In the dying minutes both the teams missed chances.

This was Loutolim’s sixth win in six games this year.  Unfortunately for the Divison winners of 2015 Aldona S. C. have not tasted a victory so far.  This was their third defeat in 4 games having tied one.  As their coach Rohan Noronha said they are very positive and will continue to perform as they did last year.  There was lot of positives for this team.  They combined better and moved the ball at a fast pace for the entire game.  They need to convert this success into goals.  By the time the season is done we are going to see a much better performance from Aldona S. C.