Annual Trophy Winners

S.NoImageTrophy NameDonated byWon byReceived byDate to Ret'd.
1 GAUDENCIO FERNANDES MEMORIAL TROPHY WINNERS Mrs. Luizinha Fernandes & Family LOUTOLIM GOATEES F. C. Ron Monteiro Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
2 G. K. T. TROPHY FINALISTS Goan Konkani Troupe AGUADA WAVES F. C. Croydon D'Mello Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
3 AERO TOURS TROPHY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Aero Touirs Inc. Mr. Nick D'Mello LOUTOLIM GOATEES F.C. Ron Monteiro Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
4 MARIA CALEB MEMORIAL TROPHY DIVISION WINNERS Mr. Godfrey Caleb and Family ALDONA S. C. Tony D'Souza Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
5 DAMIAO F. LOBO MEMORIAL TROPHY HIGHEST SCORER Mr. Christopher Lobo and Family Stephen Fernandes AGUADA WAVES F. C. (22 Goals) Stephen Fernandes Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
6 FERNANDO BARRETO MEMORIAL TROPHY MOST VALUABLE PLAYER [M. V. P.] Mr. Roque Barreto and Family Stephrn Fernandes of AGUADA WAVES F. C. Stephrn Fernandes Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
7 G. S. L. TROPHY BEST SPORTING TEAM [Team with Least Cards] Goan Soccer League DONA PAULA S. C. Abel Nunes Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
8 CAETANO P. RATOS MEMORIAL TROPHY BEST DEFENSIVE TEAM [Team with Least Goals Against] Mr. M. Ratos and Families LOUTOLIM GOATEES F. C. (5 Goals) Ron Monteiro Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
9 DOMINIC R. De SOUZA MEMORIAL TROPHY JUNIOR M. V. P. Mr. C. De Souza and Families Noah Van Drine of COLVA F. C. Noah Van Drine Sunday, 26-Aug-2018
10 DAMIAO RODRIGUES MEMORIAL TROPHY CONSOLATION CUP [Third Place Team ] Mrs. Rosy Fernandes and Family NA NA Sunday, 26-Aug-2018