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Aguada Waves F. C.

Aguada Waves F.C (HISTORY)

In the late 70’s Eastfield Soccer Club officially formed with most players residing in the east end. Playing in several tournaments the club grew bigger and bigger with former players Avelino Gonsalvas, Manny Soares, Mike Barretto, Peter Pinto and Xavier Sequiera.

In the early years the three Fernandes brothers Sebastian, Mike and Fermin Fernandes also played for Eastfield. Currently Fermin’s son Ian Fernandes has secured a spot on the U-17 Canadian National Soccer team. Ian is participating in the upcoming FIFA, U-17 World Cup tournament in Dubai which starts next week. We wish him all the best.

In 1996 through the Eastfield movement the Aguada Waves Soccer Club was formed to participate in the GSL. The Aguada Waves was founded by John Fernandes who is also known to many as “Long John.” He is the Father of current Aguada players Shaun, Stephen and Scott Fernandes.

In 2002 several players left Aguada to form the Navelim team. Navelim decided to split from Aguada as they did not find it competitive enough, since the split they have yet to beat Aguada. Thereafter the east merged with the west. Mississauga natives Chris Lobo, Eric Pinto, Nolly D’Souza, Glen and brother Malcolm Oliver joined forces with the Aguada east end players.

Aguada was and is always known to be a social club, they spent time camping, cottaging, going to dances, various social events and frequently visited each others residences. Chis lobo was instrumental in organizing a lot of the occasions when he was chairman.

As several Aguada players were well past their prime. Former Aguada keeper Glen Oliver was responsible for recruiting the youth. There after the D’Mello brothers Clayton and Croydon joined the Barretto brothers Calvin and Craig. With Shaun Fernandes already aboard Aguada was making strides towards a youth movement. At this time Aguada Manager Avelino Gonsalvas was the brains of the operation he was well organized and represented Aguada at all the GSL meetings. Coach Manny Soares and Treasure Sebastian Fernandes were instrumental in the team’s future success and recognition in the GSL.

In 2006 due to the lack of young players Aguada was bound to fold. The torch was passed on to current Aguada Manager and Team Captian Croydon D’Mello. The rejuvenation was underway and Aguada was moving towards a youth movement with the additions of Cruyff Dos Remedios, Jordache Dos Remedios, Andrew Saviel, Lester Fernandes, Danford Gomes, Mathhew Nejati, Shane D’Souza and Ryan Fernandes.

In the following years Aguada got stronger by recruiting the likes of talented Goal Keeper Andrew D’Souza, extremely skillful Casey D’Mello, rising star Ian Fernandes. Welcoming back Striker Stephen Fernandes. While adding more depth in Jeremy De Souza, Durand Periera, Priston Monterio, Jason Rebello, Nigel D’Costa, Andrew Fernandes, Chris Soares and versatile while skilled Andre Pinto to the mix.      

Accomplishments & Awards:

In 1998 - Won best Sporting Team 

In 2002 - Former Aguada Wave player Shaun Fernandes won Jr. MVP 

In 2004 - Current Aguada Wave Clayton D’Mello won (Golden Boot) leading goal scorer in the GSL which was Aguada's First.

In 2005 - Current Aguada Wave player Stephen Fernandes followed in his older brothers footsteps and won Jr. MVP. 

In 2008 - with a revived roster Aguada was on the rise. Winning the Bardez Division.

In 2009 - Won Bardez Division back to back years. Agauda Made it to its First Championship Finals on Saturday October 5th 2010 at 7pm @ Centennial Stadium on a freezing cold night under flood lights. Aguada were Runners-Ups in the Championship Finals. Losing to Margao 2-1 in a hard fought game which lead to a controversial disallowed goal scored by Croydon D’Mello.  

In 2010 - Won Bardez Division 3rd Straight Year. Aguada also won Best Sporting Team. Aguada returned to its second straight Championship finals at Lester Shiner stadium. Again Runners-Up falling short this time to the Loutolim Gotees.

In 2012 - Won Bardez Division for the 4 Time in 5 Years. 

In 2013 - AGUADA finally made WON their FIRST Championship after coming short twice in (09/10). Cruyff Dos Remedios won Aguada's First Sr. M.V.P. This was Cruyff's First Championship Finals Appetence with Aguada as he was in the US on scholarship for the Previous 2 Championship Finals. 

In 2014 - Aguada's Ian Fernandes won Sr. M.V.P. While last years M.V.P Cruyff won the (Golden Boot) Leading Goal Scorer in GSL. Aguada won the Consolation Cup winning the 3rd Place Game.

In 2015 - Aguada returned to the Championship Finals and Won its Second Championship (Game was televised on Rogers TV). Lester Fernandes shared the (Golden Boot) Leading Goal Scorer as it was a tie.          

In 2016 - Aguada again made it to their 5th Championship Finals in 8 years. Aguada defended their Championship winning Back to Back Championship Finals. This is Aguada's 3rd Championship in 4 years. Aguada also won the best sporting team for the 4th time. Aguada has always showed class and sportsmanship. They have been a discipline in recent years winning the trophy for most discipline team on many occasions.

In 2017....

Stephen Fernandes
Steffan Edwards
Shane D'Souza
Priston Monteiro
Nigel D'Costa
Mathew Pais
Lester Fernandes
Jordache Dos Remedios
Jeremy De Souza
Jason Rebello
Ian Fernandes
Durand Pereira
Danford Gomes
Cruyff Dos Remedios
Croydon D'Mello
Clayton D'Mello
Chris Soares
Casey D'Mello
Breaden Pinto
Andrew Fernandes
Andrew D'Souza
Andre Pinto
Aldona S. C

Wendall Mascarenhas
Trevor D'souza
Sherwin Marshall
Sean Menezes
Ryden Pereira
Rowan Noronha
Richard Fernandes
Raymond Fernandes
Nicholas Roach
Nash Lobo
Mark Pereira
Jason D'souza
Gavin Pereira
Garrick Nazren
Ethan Fernandes
Dion D'mello
Christopher Marshall
Calvin Rosario
Byron Correia
Bevan Fernandes
Bogmalo Sports Club

Wilbur D`Cruz
Vijay Rayavarapu
Shannon Barretto
Roy Fernandes
Naga Adrian Rayavarapu
Michael Rodrigues
Lino Sequeira
Kyle Nazareth
kyle Machado
Kian O`Neil
Josh Rodrigues
Jarod Ratos
Gaurav Bhatt
Elton Fernandes
Craig De`Souza
Connan Anthony Fernandes
Cedric Cardozo
Cameron Medwin
Brian Ratos
Brendon Ratos
Ankit Curchorcar
Colva F. C

Dona Paula S. C.

Tyler Pinto
Rohit Nazareth
Neil Pinto
Mitchell Nunes
Kevin D'Souza
Keenan Nunes
Joshua DSouza
Jonathan Regu
Jay Joanes
Jason Rego
Haresh Sequeira
Gary Barreto
Durwin Lobo
Daniel Desouza
Craig Lobo
Clyde DSouza
brice cardozo
Ashwin Nair
Ajay Pacheco
Loutolim Goatees F. C.

Tyler Pinto
Titus Raje
Tarun Fernandez
Ryan Pinto
Ron Monteiro
Nicholas D'Silva
Nicholas Green
Neville Maciel
Neil D'Silva
Kyle Coelho
Kraig Raje
Keegan Moraes
Karl Mascarenhas
Joshua Coelho
Jaydyn George
Jason Pinto
Dayne Don Millan
Conrad Fernandes
Brilyn Colaco
Brad Fernandes
Aaron Atwal
Mapusa Simba S. C.

Tyler Abreo
Shawn D'Silva
Ryan D'Souza
Royce Raposo
Napoleon D'Cunha
Matthew Lobo
Lyndon Fernandes
Kevin Fernandes
Karlen D'Mello
Kane Rodricks
Julian Lobo
Evan Fernandes
Dylan Remedios
Dwayne Green
Dayle Lobo-Pires
Darius De Mello
Carlton Fernandes
Cameron Da Costa
Antonio Fernandes
Alan Fernandes
Margao Simba S. C.

Tyler Cunha
Stefan Rebello
Shane De Souza
Rainer Rapozo
Nikhil Alvares
Nathan Gomes
Myles Abreo
Kenneth Viegas
Jeremy Lobo
Gregory Desouza
Gavin D'Mello
Elton Fernandes
Dwain Lobo-Pires
Desmond Gomes
Brendan Gomes
Braeden Pereira
Bradley Pereira
Austin D'Souza
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