Match Report Lautolim vs Margao - July 17, 2016

Loutolim Goatees F. C. maintain their unbeaten run

By: Cippy D’Cruz

In spite of missing two of their key players, Neil D’Silva and Keegan Moraes and also Nicholas Green playing to half his potential due to injury, Loutolim Goatees F.C. managed to maintain their unbeaten run this season.  They prevailed by a solitary goal against Margao Simba to carve out their seventh win in as many games.

The game itself was nothing to be excited about as both teams battled hard to hold midfield supremacy.  For Loutolim it was Nick D’Silva, who worked very hard but all his efforts were in vain as none of the other players responded to pose any danger to the Margao Simba goal.

The game was tied 0-0 at half time.

The Margao Simba attack was led by Dwain Lobo-Pires with his usual flair and defense splitting runs down the middle.  One of his exciting runs on the left flank in the second half almost resulted in Margao taking the lead.  Having drawn two defenders towards him, Dwain in one motion passed the ball in the 18 yard box.  On rushing Greg D’Souza had swipe at it beating Jaydeen George in Loutolim’s goal.  Unfortunately, for Margao and Greg the ball hit the upright and went out of play.  Greg, playing only in his first game made quite an impression making some spending runs on the right wing.

Margao Simba holding a slight advantage in the second half continued the pressure and attacked the Loutolim defense.  In one such attack Joshua Coelho defending for Loutolim won the battle and counter attacked, relaying a long pass to Kraig Raje on the left wing.  Using his speed Kraig further advanced the ball and cleverly passed the ball to onrushing Karl Mascarenhas to his right.  Karl without any hesitation took a one time shot beating Kenneth Viegas, the Margao keeper to his left, to score his team only goal of the match.

After conceding this goal Margao Simba tried very hard to get an equalizer but the Loutolim defense was well marshalled by Joshua Coelho and Nick D’Silva.  Nick was brought back to the defense from the mid field to defend the Margao’s fightback.

For Margao Simba, this was their third defeat in 6 games, having won 2 and tied one.