Match Report Loutolim vs Colva- June 12, 2022




LOUTOLIM F. C. { 4 }                                 COLVA F. C. { 1 }

(2-0-0-6)                                             (2-0-2-6)





In their third match of the season, 6 times former GSL Champions, Loutolim FC scored a convincing 4-1 win over Colva FC after leading by a goal at half time. Kraig Raje, Kyle Fernandes, and Joshua Coelho (2) scored for Loutolim. Richard Fernandes scored the lone goal for Colva FC.

The weather was perfect for a Goan Soccer League match at the Paramount soccer fields on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. Both the teams dished out a great blend of soccer, on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Right from the kick off, Colva FC put pressure on Loutolim, with raid after raid and continued doing so, for the first 10 minutes. They failed to capitalize and fumbled in the box, time and again. On couple of occasions when they succeeded to break in, through the Van Drine brothers, Tristan, and Noah, it was Jaydyn George who stood in their way with couple of good saves. Tristan was a threat every time he had possession of the ball, unfortunately he didn’t have enough support to take the lead for his team.


Loutolim FC started off slowly and defended well with Neal D’Silva leading the way. Colva FC eased the pressure a bit and soon the exchanges were even. In the absence of Kraig Raje, in the initial stages, Loutolim FC, could not make any head way and create any goal scoring chances.


On the run of play, in the 27th minute of play, Kyle Fernandes fed a great pass from the right mid field to his left winger on the left flank. Kraig Raje, who has excelled in this

position, with his speed and ball control, received the pass and after taking four steps in the front, took a right shot that entered the far corner of the net. Ryan De Souza the keeper of Colva FC, who otherwise had a great game, stretched out his hands but was unable to punch the ball, which landed firmly in the net for Loutolim’s first goal of the match.

In the second half, a ball was crossed on the edge of the goal, a melee ensured, all going for the fallen ball in the small box. After struggling for the ball for about 8 seconds, Richard Fernandes, Colva FC, finally connected and scored. The match was then tied at 1-1.

Loutolim having experienced players on their side continued the pressure, moving the ball to both the wings. In one such move they succeeded when Joshua Coelho, their central defender moved up and receiving a cross from Dayne Don Milan, from the right wing, scored to take a 2-1 lead for his team.

In a span of 10 minutes, Loutolim FC scored two more goals through Kyle Fernandes and Joshua Coelho, his second, to win comfortably with a 4-1 margin.

10 minutes soccer talk with Manager/Coach/Captain at




Colva FC has a great team but needs the guidance to make use of the young talent that they have in their ranks. Getting back Garrick and Jason will certainly strengthen the defence.

I met with Ryan De Souza, goalkeeper/Manager of the team.

Cippy: “Any new changes this year?”

Ryan De Souza: “We have three new players this year, who will fill in the positions of mid field, forward and defense.”

Cippy: “Colva FC, before today’s game had 2 wins and a loss. What is the reason for your early success?

Ryan: “We discuss our performance after conclusion of each half. We discuss our success and failures during the break and during practices.”

Cippy: “How much do you think your leadership and senior players have contributed to your success?”

 Ryan: “Our senior players are in constant conversation with the new players. We hope to do well this year.”


The team led by Johnny Van Drine, is certainly looking forward to creating an impact this year in GSL.





Former six times champions were their usual self. All positions well covered and staying always composed. This comes with experience and Loutolim FC has plenty of it.

I met with Ron Monteiro, Captain of Team Loutolim. He is an all-star, who was won 6 GSL Championships.

Cippy: “Any new players this year?”

Ron: “Oh yes…we have Kyle Fernandes who has joined us this year. But in the same token we have lost the services of Nicholas D’Silva and Tyler Pinto”.

Cippy: “Who in your team has impressed you most this year?”

Ron: “Without any doubt Dayne Don Millan. He has improved considerably and possesses all the qualities to shine as a soccer player.”

Cippy: “What advice would you give the younger players?”

Ron: “My advice to them is to treat every game seriously. Not to take things lightly, work hard and attend practices regularly.”