Match Report Margao vs Aguada - June 19, 2022


By: Cyprian (Cippy) D’Cruz


MARGAO SIMBA SC {3}             AGUADA FC {1}

(3-2-1-0-6)                            (4-0-1-3-1)


In their third match of the season, Margao Simba SC prevailed by 3-1 against Aguada FC, after being a goal down at half time, at the Paramount Turf Field #1 on June 19, 2022 at 12:00 noon.

The former champions, Margao Simba SC started off in a whirlwind fashion, constantly attacking from the very start of the game. The attack coming from the left side, saw a combination of Gaurav Bhatt, Ankit Curchorcar, Adam Sequeira and Rainer Raposo in perfect tandem. The left winger Rainer Raposo was very strong and beat the Aguada’s defence time and again. Unfortunately, none of the moves proved any harm to the Aguada goal as keeper Braeden Pinto dealt any shots that came his way very confidently.

After about 15 minutes of dominance by Margao SC, it was Aguada FC that took the lead unexpectedly through Andre Pinto. Aguada FC was awarded a free kick inside their half, a metre from the centre line. Andre Pinto, who was entrusted with the kick, took a long shot, intending a pass to Wendall Mascarenhas. The rising ball did not reach Wendall but lobbed in front of him beating Ryan D’Souza, the Margao Simba keeper.  Ryan who was slightly out of position, failed to stop the ball going over his head and entering the net. This resulted in Aguada FC taking a 1-0 lead. Within 5 minutes of this goal Aguada FC almost increased their margin. Wendall Mascarenhas, the former MVP of GSL, took a hard shot from outside the box which beat Ryan D’Souza, however the ball did not enter the net but hit the upright. The rebound was met by Liam D’Silva, with an open goal and only the keeper to beat, took a feeble shot, which was easily collected by Ryan D’Souza.

In the manner Margao Simba SC, started the second half, it was a forgone conclusion that they would score at any moment. Nathan Gomes, who excelled in the first half continued his excellent form and laid a pass to Ashish Rebello who converted to tie the score at 1-1. This goal energized the team and within a span of 15 minutes scored two more goals. Both the goals were scored by Nathan Gomes, who was easily “the man of the match” with two goals and an assist.

Aguada FC the former champions, slowly faded away and it was only some strong play by their defence and the keeper that kept the margin down.

In the dying stages, Margao Simba SC almost increased the margin.  Adi Rayavarapu took an excellent shot from the left flank which beat the keeper but hit the post and out.

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Before the game I met with Antonio Fernandes, a veteran, and an outstanding contributor to the Margao Simba SC team, both on and off the field.

Cippy: “It appears that there are lot of changes in your team compared to last season (2019). What is the reason?”

Antonio: “Many of our young players have friends on other teams in the GSL. It is the comfort level through friendship. We also had to deal with COVID. Some of our players had to leave due to domestic and family situations.”

 Cippy: “For the last three seasons (2017, 2018 and 2019) your team ran an academy that players graduated to play for the senior team Margao Simba. Is that still on?”

Antonio: “Due to COVID we had to discontinue that plan. We are slowly getting back to that program on Fridays and Sundays.

Cippy: “With the new additions to your team, who do you think has made an impression so far?”

Antonio: “Connan Fernandes with his leadership qualities and Adi with his skill have certainly contributed to fill the gaps, due to loss of so many of our star players. We have lost Dwayne Lobo-Pires who was an all-round performer over the years. As a team we will get our act together. We have the tools. Putting it to a good use is our motivation.”

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Over the years, Croydon D’Mello has been a Captain and the heart and soul of Aguada Waves FC. In the process he has been instrumental in the team success having won three championships.

Cippy: “How come there are so many changes this year?”

Croydon: “We almost didn’t have a team this year. Besides injuries to six of our players, it was also very hard to get new players and a firm commitment from them.

Cippy: “Who is your exciting prospect this year?”

Croydon: “At this moment I would say that Andre Pinto is an exciting all-rounder who can play at any position. One of our brightest prospects is Matthew Paes who is on the injured list.”

Cippy: “Your team was known to possess the strongest midfield in the GSL. Cassey D’Mello, Ian Fernandes and Cryuff Dos Remedios were stars and relentlessly supported the mid field and held the team together. How much do you miss Cassey and Ian?”

Croydon: “It’s difficult for our team to fill their positions. Cassey is working very hard to get back from his injury so also is Ian. It’s a team game and I am looking forward to my team working hard to succeed.”

Cippy: “Over the years Andrew D’Souza was one of the best keepers in the GSL. He no longer plays for your team?”

Croydon: “Yes, we are going to miss him. However, we now have Braeden Pinto. We are confident that he will provide us safe hands in the last line of defence.