Viva Goa Tournament - Aguada Waves FC

Top (L to R): Manager Tony D’Souza, Wendall Mascarenhas, Aziah Reid, Pede Niles, Yousif Walied, Anosh
Bottom (L to R): Trevor D'Souza, Michael Pais, Andre Pinto, Aaron D'Silva,Mathew Pais
Coming into the Viva Goa tournament, the Aguada Waves FC were not even sure they were able to put a team
in. Yet after two intense days – and an undefeated record – the Waves walked out victorious as champions.
Despite many players away, manager Croydon D’Mello, who was away in Portugal, worked quickly to
assemble the team of Goan Soccer League players and long-time friends Pede Niles and Yousif Walied. An easy
opening win against Old Monks strengthened their confidence, but a 2-1 victory over Sporting Clube de Kaya
tested them.
Aguada met its’ first challenge in Panthers FC, a Brampton-based team of South Asians, most of whom have
known each other for many years. An entertaining 3-3 tie ensued. In their final group game, Aguada was down
1-0 to the York Jets, but stormed back to win 4-2, led by a volley goal by Wendall Mascarenhas, the second
leading goal scorer on the team. Throughout group play, top goal scorer Pede Niles used his speed and fast
feet, while Aaron D'Silva marshalled the goal, utilizing experience and quick instincts, and fifteen-year old
Michael Pais calmly swept up defensive errors.
Finishing #2 in their group, a dominant 4-2 win victory over a fatigued Moira Motus led them to a re-match
with Panthers FC. Yet an end-to-end thriller would not happen, and Aguada’s momentum led them to a 7-2
victory in the Championship Game.
Aguada Waves FC would like to thank the tournament organizers, and looks forward to future tournaments!