By: Cyprian (Cippy) D’Cruz

The teams that finished second and fourth, in the 5 teams league, Colva FC and Aguada FC respectively, met in the Finals of the Goan Soccer League, at the Terry Fox Stadium Brampton, on Saturday August 27, 2022 at 4:00 pm.

After a hard-fought game played over 90 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes of extra time, the game ended in a 3-3 tie. The deadlock was decided by a tie breaker with Aguada FC winning 3-1.

This was Aguada’s 4th win of the Championship after 8 appearances in the finals. For Colva FC it was their maiden appearance in the Finals.

The game started on a lively note. The exchanges were equal and most of the game was confined in the midfield.  In the 20th minute, Steffan Edwards, for Aguada FC made a splendid run on the right wing beating the entire defence but instead of taking a shot at the goal, made a weak pass to one of his forwards, which was easily defended by Colva FC defence.

Colva FC on the other hand, attacked at random to keep Croydon D’Mello in the goal, replacing Braeden Pinto, very busy.  Aaron D’ Souza ran through dangerously in the 18-yard box and placed the ball to Croydon’s left side. The Aguada FC keeper made a splendid dive to bring off an excellent save. The first half ended goalless.

In the second half, Wendall Mascarenhas, the 2010 MVP, of Aguada FC, brought the game to life and the fans on their feet, with an extremely well guided strike. Ryan D’ Souza, the Colva FC keeper appeared to be slightly out of position. Taking advantage of that situation, Wendall took a powerful shot that sailed over Ryan into the goal, to take 1-0 lead for his team.

Colva FC. piled up pressure and were rewarded with an equalizer. Tristan Van Drine who was menacing right through, was fouled in the box, resulting in a penalty shot. Tristan confidently scored to tie the game 1-1.

After 90 minutes of full time resulting in a 1-1 tie the match went into an extra time. Aaron D’Souza, Colva FC, entered the box took a shot from the left wing, which Croydon D’Mello parried away confidently. However, Jason Dias following up the action on the right side met the ball and, on the run, directed a first timer beating Croydon to take the lead at 2-1. The fans were going wild as the score board was kept busy. Never giving up until the final whistle Aguada FC continued the pressure and tied the score 2-2. An excellent through ball in between two defenders by Austin D’ Souza saw Stefan Edwards convert to tie the game 2-2.

In the second half of the extra time Aguada FC took the lead this time. Ajay Pacheco gave a high through ball pass. Two defenders of Colva FC, went for the ball at the same time with Steffan close on their heels. Both the Colva players misjudged the ball and Steffan taking full advantage of the situation scored to take a 3-2 lead.  Time was ticking away, and it was almost certain that Aguada FC would emerge victorious. Colva FC had other plans and fought back gallantly and scored through Tristan Van Drine, the winner of the League’s highest scorer award, to tie the game at 3-3. Tristan Van Drine also won the MVP 2022.

Since both the teams dished some exciting soccer with equal share of the exchanges, it was fitting that the game would be decided by a tie breaker.

In the tie breaker, winning the toss, Aguada FC elected to shoot first.


1.For Aguada FC. Wendal Mascaranhas missed, hitting the shot wide, 0-0

1.For Colva FC, Tristan Van Drive well taken shot was saved by Croydon D’Mello, 0-0

2.For Aguada FC, Steffan Edwards scored, 1-0

2.For Colva FC, Jonathan Van Drine scored 1-1

3.For Aguada FC, Ajay Pacheco scored 2-1

3.For Colva FC, Ryan Santiago missed, hitting the cross bar, 2-1

4.For Aguada FC, Jeremy D’Souza scored 3-1

4.For Colva FC, Jason Dias missed, shot saved by Croydon D’Mello, 3-1

Coming in as a makeshift goalkeeper, Croydon D’Mello fully justified the trust and faith his team had in him, bringing off two good saves in the game and two more in the tie breaker. It was certainly a “man of the match” performance.